photo 2 (5) Baltimore Street Art

Artist: ?

Location: Graffiti Alley

Just another day in Graffiti Alley! Graffiti dates back to ancient Greek times when it was commonly used as a vehicle for political expression and declarations of love.  during the 20th century, graffiti become intertwined with certain music genres, including hip hop and punk rock.  in the 1970’s, graffiti made it’s first appearance in art galleries.  in the 1980’s, films about graffiti and street art were produced, including the independent film Wild Style (1983) and the PBS documentary Style Wars (1983).  during the 1980’s, stencil graffiti also emerged giving street artists a faster, more efficient way to get their message out and avoid confrontations with the law.  today, street art (including graffiti) is protected in many cities and it has become a vehicle for advertising and decoration as well as political expression.