baltimore street art - horse and indian Baltimore Street Art

Artist: ?

Location: 1731 Maryland Avenue

My favorite mural at the Charm City Art Space!  This piece is subtle, striking, and unique.  I really like the way the artist used what exists when creating his piece.  This is one of the few wooden boards in this exhibit that was not primed before the artist started creating his mural.  Instead the artist incorporates the wood into his piece.  For example, the horse is only a few shades darker or lighter than the wooden board.  The faces of both the horse and the Native American Indian are also very subtle and almost nonexistent in the case of the horse.  What captures your attention in this piece is the striking blue green paint that is used throughout the piece on the horse’s mane, on the Native American Indian’s face, and as the prominent color in the background.  This blue green color captures your attention, but then the mysterious nature of the characters makes you pause a moment longer.