streetart-2Baltimore Street Art

Artist: LNY

Location: 539 N. Longwood Street (near Route 40)

This mural is part of the Wall Hunters: Slumlord Project and it was created in 2013 after Shawniece Smith picked up her cell phone and called Slumlord Watch to report the vacant, rundown properties in her area.

Wall Hunters: Slumlord Project was created by blogger Carol Otts and street artist Nether.  Otts is the blogger behind Baltimore Slumlord Watch.  Since 2009, her successful housing blog has posted photos of vacant properties  and information about their negligent owners in attempt to “shame” the owners into fixing their properties.  Nether is a prominent Baltimore street artist who uses street art as a vehicle to beautify vacant properties and draw attention to their condition.

The mural “Shawnee’s Call”  portrays Shawniece making the monumental call to Slumlord Watch and to the left of her, a vacant home is shown.   “Shawnee’s Call” was created on top of an old sign which reads ” Roof Troubles? In Most Cases We Repair It.”  The small cartoon figure in the bottom left of the ad was altered to represent Nether (notice the “N” on his cap)  holding a spray can.