557344_399407893450154_2114376123_n Baltimore Street Art

Artist: Sorta

Location: Graffiti Alley

One of the most prolific street artists in the Baltimore Street Art scene, Sorta’s wheatpastings reveal the dark side of poverty often with a ray of hope.  For the people of Baltimore City, Sorta’s message to them is especially strong.  In this piece, Sorta drew an angel injecting himself and sprouting wings.  This piece can have several different meanings.  One is that there are angels all around us.  Ordinary people that we see on the streets may be angels in disguise.  these angels might feel overwhelmed by the pain and poverty that they see so they might turn to substances to escape the pain.  Another characteristic feature of Sorta’s wheatpastings is that he always integrates his tag with his pieces; normally SORTA can be found on his pieces or above them.