photo (4) Baltimore Street Art

Artist: Ways

Location: Catalyst – Street Art Exhibition at EMP

Well known among Baltimore street artists and one of Baltimore’s best kept street art secrets among graffiti illiterates, Ways’ work never disappoints.  Ways’ floor to roof mural of a blindfolded pig is subtle, yet attention-grabbing.  At this Baltimore Street Art Exhibition, my eyes were drawn to this piece because of it’s life-like character.  Part of Ways’ talent is his use of form and lines.  He creates a pig that is not only three-dimensional, but is complete with wrinkles and  fat bungles.  Similarly the blindfold is not a flat shape, but a three-dimensional object that has been twisted and positioned in between the pig’s folds of skin.  Equally attention-grabbing is why a gigantic blindfolded pig sitting in a body of water next to a bay bridge?